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There are only three things certain in life...

Death, taxes, and your concrete cracking.

What are common issues with concrete?


Concrete cracks as a result of excess movement. This movement can be caused by unstable soils, tree roots, and several other factors.

Settling & Sinking

Sinking concrete happens when concrete is poured over poorly compacted soils. It can also happen when soils are compromised by erosion.

Tree Root Damage

Tree roots are concrete's worst nightmare! Even a small tree can cause severe upheaval and cracking in concrete.

Surface Issues

Flaking and pitting concrete happens when the "finished" layer of concrete starts to break away from the structural concrete. A common cause is rapidly freezing water.

How can you fix common concrete issues?


There are more ways to repair a crack than you can count. The most important thing -- regardless of the repair method, cracks should be sealed. Water penetration will accelerate deterioration.

Settling & Sinking

Polyurethane Foam injections are a quick and clean repair method. Foam is injected beneath the settled slabs, correcting any soft or voided soils while lifting the slabs bank into place.

Tree Root Damage

Most tree root damage requires full concrete replacement. The only sure way to prevent tree root damage is to remove trees within at least 10' of the concrete.

Surface Issues

Prevention is key - concrete is a porous surface and should be sealed. If you already have surface issues, resurfacing can give you that brand-new look back.

How much does it cost to repair concrete?

Crack Repair

$7 - $10 per linear foot
(min $800)

Settling & Sinking

$1,000 - $5,000+
(Varies Widely)
(min $1,000)

Replacing Concrete

$8 - $12 per square ft
(min $2,500)
Broom Finish

$6 - $8 per square ft
New Pour (no removal)

$15 - $18 per square ft


$3 - $5 per square ft
(min $2,000)
Broom Finish

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